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Payment and cancellation

Payment by bank card                                                                                                                                      

1.  Make sure the solution if your bank card to pay for (the system supports payment by VISA and Master Card bank cards). Sel ect "Card Payment". Description of the procedure for payment by BYELCARD cards of OJSC "ASB Belarusbank" is under the link http://belkart.by/BELKART/news/2014/payment-belcard-in-the-internet/

  • To make your desired tour, click "Book tour";
  • Fill in the fields with the necessary information and confirm bookings;
  • Select the "Pay for the Tour";
  • In a dialog box will fill all elements of the card, mobile phone, e-mail address;
  • Write-off of funds is not dependent on the currency of your card and the bank rate. As you serve..

2. After pressing the "Pay" button, it moves to the payment system "ASSIST". Enter the details of your credit card on a special secure payment system «ASSIST». After entering all the required data, check the entered information and complete the payment by clicking «PAY». On your acceptance of the decision on the payment order and enter details of your bank card is given 20 minutes. In case of exceeding by you the set time, Your order is rescinded. After pressure on the "PAY" your card is authorized in the banking system and the payment is approved by the bank.

3. The dialog box of next maintenance emerges on completion of payment - Your order is confirmed.

4. Upon completion of the payment to Your e-mail address will be notified about the payment (about transfer money to the account of the payee). In case of successful completion of the payment order is considered to be decorated. In case of cancellation and depending on the reasons for the refusal of authorization, to solve the problem, you can:

  • Make another attempt to pay for the order, but no earlier than 20 minutes;
  • Ask for explanations to the bank that issued your card.

Information about payment security by credit card

Operation online payment by credit card is completely confidential and secure. Your personal data and credit card details are not entered on the page of our site and the pages of «ASSIST» electronic payment system. Sending of sensitive information from the client to the server through the protocol secure data transmission (TLS 1.2), and for the authentication of the card holder uses techniques Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, thus achieving maximum protection of information transmitted. Further information is transmitted via closed banking networks of the higher degree of protection. The processing of sensitive data (card details, registration data, etc.) is made in the processing center. Thus, no one, including the Contractor's staff may not get personal and banking data of the customer. No commission for transfer of funds from the client's account, payment card system «ASSIST» does not take. On the possible commissions for the conversion of one currency to another, and for transactions in the client card score specify in the bank in which you open a card account. Becoming familiar with information is possible on the web-site of www.belassist.by.

Return to the bank card

After sending the application refund will be carried out on a plastic card with which payment was made the order. Money transfer is performed within 3 - 7 working days.To apply for a refund, you must contact the office of our company or send a request to the email info@jewish-tour.com