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Events’ Organization and Hosting

Events’ Organization and Hosting

The Jewish Tour Agency conducts and hosts various types of events for Jewish organizations, institutions, communities and individuals. Among them: educational seminars, summer and winter youth camps, Jewish holidays and kabalot Shabbat (within the seminar or tour program), etc.

We offer:

  • search for, selection and preparation of premises suitable for a specific event
  • providing all the necessary equipment and materials
  • organizing of food (including kosher/kosher style)
  • providing accommodation and transportation for event’s participants (if necessary)
  • assisting in process of working out of the event concept
  • advertising of the upcoming event
  • preparation and preliminary approval of the estimate
  • signing of an agreement for providing services, etc

If you don’t find something on the list, it never means we don’t know how to do it, it just proves we have a good ground for joint work and cooperation!

You are welcome to have a look at the list of activities hosted and organized by the JTA:

Your events’ with the Jewish Tour Agency formula: attention to people=people’s attention