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Archival Research and Genealogy

Archival Research and Genealogy

Our agency offers you such a service as archival research. It is a unique possibility to explore the history of your family, to find your roots and to learn about your grandparents and missing relatives.

If you are interested in visiting the birthplace of your ancestors or in finding information about them, you are welcome to contact us on info@jewish-tour.com. Please note, that this is a paid service.

Here is some information about how the research is carried out:

There are two stages of the research:

  1. We address the request to the archive employee, who starts the collection of primary data. At this stage it will be checked if there is any reference in the local archives regarding the names you are interested in and if the process is worth continuing. Based on the results of the initial search, we send you a report, which lists the archives we addressed to, the requests that were made and official responses of archives in case of a positive result.
  2. In case the previous stage of research proved to be positive, we will go on with more thorough work with the archives up to obtaining the desired result.

We will be also glad to plan and organize for you a tour to your family roots which will enable you to visit the birthplaces of your relatives and to conduct your personal research.

The cost of the service will be determined by the amount of work.

Do not miss your chance to take a journey to your family roots along with the Jewish Tour!