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Bykhaw synagogue



You see in front the building of the former synagogue in the town of Bykhaw (Belarus, Mogilev region). 
The synagogue was built in 1640-1650. It was actively used when defending Bykhaw in the middle of XVII- beginning of XVIII centuries. 

It was operating up to the beginning of XX. In 1944 it was significantly destroyed with the air bomb explosion. Up to the end of 1980 the building was used as stockhouse. 
Presently this unique site of religious and defending architecture is abandoned and deteriorates under the influence of the natural factors. 

But regardless the neglected state the building still preserves the unique colouring and traces of the centuries passed. 

The synagogue of Bykhaw is the pearl of the cultural legacy of Bykhaw and Belarus. The site requires urgent assitance – architectural conservation to prevent further deterioration.

And for those who have not seen Bykhaw synagogue, we recommend to come to Belarus and touch the history of Jews. 
See you in Belarus!