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Golshany is a small settlement in the Oshmiany region in Belarus, situated nearby the Minsk-Vilnius highway. 16th century was the heyday of the town.
The settlement was first mentioned in the "Bychovets Chronicles" in 1280. It was property of Lithuanian dukes.

Jewish history of the city:
Before the WWII nearly half of the town population were Jews. There is a street with a row of small wooden houses that were built during the Polish allegiance. The houses are thought to have been built for the Jewish community by Jews themselves.
Adherents of different religions were living by side of each other peacefully – a synagogue, an Orthodox Christian church and an Catholic dome were situated on the same street.
With the breakdown of World War II, a ghetto was founded in the city. Although, most of Jewish population were exiled to Oshmiany and later to Panieriai concentration camp in Lithuania. Almost all of them were executed there – either shot or burned alive. The small amount that managed to survive, emigrated after the war.
Golshany is known for its tourist sights – the Jewish quarter mentioned above, old streets and legendary Black Castle.