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The city's history:
The history of ancient Borisov, according to Lithuanian chronicles takes its start in the year 1102, when there was a settlement found on the banks of Skha and Berezina rivers. Despite numerous destructions within the years due to different conflicts, Borisov remained an important trading and craftsmanship venue for centuries along.
Modern Borisov enjoys a rich and saturated lifestyle. There are 42 factories and industry facilities functioning in the city, as well as hundreds of commercial units. Population of the city is about 145.000 people

The Jewish community:
The Jewish community of Borisov exists from the 16th century. It has played an active educational and religious role in society. Its kahal was one of the richest and influencing during the Lithuanian Duchy rule. According to 1847 statistics, there were 3,887 people in the community. In 1910 the number has risen to 10,617 already. There were seven synagogues, private schools for men and women and Talmud-Torah school to support their spiritual education.
Unfortunately, the Jewish educational system was ruined by Soviet dictatorship, as well as Nazi occupation and persecution during the WWII. Apart from that, the Third Reich rule was violent to the Jewish community. There was a ghetto founded in 1941 and 9.000 Jews were executed there the same year.
After the war the community didn't get back its buildings, taken by the Soviets back in 1922. Jews had to pray in private houses and didn't have any of community venues, still experiencing pressure from the authorities.
Jewish people born in the city:
• Haim Laskov – Israel Defense Forces general, former Chief of Staff
• Weinrub brothers - Heroes of the Soviet Union, fought in World War II
• Bentzion Tavger – physician, one of the enthusiasts of the Jewish community in Hebron.

Historical sites:
• "Hevre Tehilim" synagogue building (1910)
• Two Jewish cemeteries (containing the graves of rabbi Perelman and his family)
• A memorial to mark the place of Borisov ghetto Jews execution

Jewish community revival nowadays:
Thanks to "Light of the Menorah" heritage organization, the small Jewish community is coming back to life. Jews of the city await the return of synagogue buildings to their hands, there is an exhibition at the historical Kolodeyev house, including parts of Torah. The exhibition lets people learn about the community as well.