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Young! Active! Happy!

You are young and active? Wonder where to hang out on holidays, during vacation or after the army?

Looking for something cool at a low budget?

Then here you are!

Enjoy and experience:

Russian and Finnish sauna, barbecue, bonfire, fishing, crayfishing, hunting, nice beaches, river/lake, boating, quad biking, horseback riding and …

open spaces, where you can

  • play paintball, football, volleyball, or go orienteering.
  • Skiing, sledding or sitting at the fireplace would make amazing winter memories.

The cuisine will please even picky young people!

Have fun and enjoy active recreation, feel the wilderness and freedom away from urban hype, noisy highways and plants.

What about fascinating and often extreme adventures in Belarusian swamps?

The coolest selfie spots all the year round!

You won’t be bored!

Besides staying at our agri-villa we will offer you a wide choice of tours and outings in the best hang out spots of Belarus. And don’t forget the shopping!